close up shot of grey reef shark

WATCH: Shark Leaps into Fishing Boat off Maine

Check out this crazy footage of a shark jumping into a fishing boat off the coast of Maine in August 2020. (CAUTION: The language in the video might not be safe for watching at work.)

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spoon of powder

Tips for How to Detox from Sugar

For decades, Americans have been growing increasingly overweight while receiving confusing messages from the food industry. Fueled by corporate greed and special interests, the public has been bombarded by narrowly-focused studies and misleading press releases that turn into national headlines, all muddling the picture of what healthy nutrition is and what is making us obese. […]

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Exercise cuts risk of developing anxiety, says study

Regular exercise could cut your risk of developing anxiety by up to 60 percent, according to the findings in a recent study. According to an article in the Daily Mail, Swedish researchers compared people who engaged in long-distance cross-country skiing as a form of exercise with non-skiing members of the general population.  The authors found the […]

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Study: 1-Minute of Exercise can Offset 14 Minutes of Sitting

I’ve long been a proponent in the power of taking fitness one minute at a time. Too often, people fall into a mindset that if they aren’t devoting a block of at least 30 or 40 minutes to exercise, than it’s not worth it. But, every minute of movement counts. And all those minutes can […]

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Study: Walking Boosts Brain Health

Want to have a healthier, better functioning brain? Take regular walks. That’s according to a recent study by researchers at Colorado State University, who found that you may be able to turn back the tide of aging when it comes to your brain. According to an article on Everyday Health, participants in the study who […]

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Even Small Amounts of Exercise Provide Big Benefits

Ideally, it’d be great if we all got at least half an hour (preferably more) of physical activity in every day. Unfortunately, the reality is many of us struggle to squeeze in even basic levels of activity each day for a variety of reasons. Time constraints can be incredibly discouraging for anyone trying to get […]

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Experts: Exercise Should be Prescribed for Depression

A new report recommends that for people with depression, exercise should be prescribed and monitored for the first 12 weeks, just as physical therapy would be for an injury.  That conclusion was part of a recent report by researchers at the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation. The report summarizes data from over 1,100 studies, […]

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How Exercise Combats Anxiety and Depression

You’ve probably heard people say that exercise is good for your mental health. But the benefits of exercise go beyond just having you “feel better.” Exercise actually changes your brain. A recent article on Quartz by psychiatrist and neuroscientist Arash Javanbakht examines how exercise alters the brain. Javanbakht says regular exercise, especially cardio, does, in […]

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Japan’s 90-year-old fitness trainer should be an inspiration to everyone

This 90-year-old trainer with guns for arms and the flexibility of a gymnist destroys your “I’m too old for that” excuses.

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Lifestyle sabotages you more than old age

A study on hunter gatherers revealed many health issues we chalk up to “old age” are really a product of our lifestyle.

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