Study: 1-Minute of Exercise can Offset 14 Minutes of Sitting

I’ve long been a proponent in the power of taking fitness one minute at a time.

Too often, people fall into a mindset that if they aren’t devoting a block of at least 30 or 40 minutes to exercise, than it’s not worth it.

But, every minute of movement counts. And all those minutes can add up.

An increasing body of scientific evidence backs that up, including a recent study that found 60 seconds of exercise is all it takes to offset 14 minutes of sedentary activity.

According to the article on, during a weeklong study, researchers examined 2,000 participants and changes in fitness levels based on data from fitness wearables and cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPETs). Results showed the more time participants exercised and less time they spent sitting, the more their overall fitness levels improved. 

And perhaps the most interesting discovery is this: Every 60 seconds of heart-rate boosting exercise was equivalent to approximately three minutes of walking and counteracted about 14 minutes of sitting or standing still.


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