Study: Walking Boosts Brain Health

Want to have a healthier, better functioning brain? Take regular walks.

That’s according to a recent study by researchers at Colorado State University, who found that you may be able to turn back the tide of aging when it comes to your brain.

According to an article on Everyday Health, participants in the study who completed six months of regular brisk walks experienced better cardiovascular fitness and improvements in white matter and memory compared with people who practiced stretching and balance exercises for the same amount of time.

Instead of focusing on gray matter, the new study focused on a less studied part of the brain called white matter, which is found in the deeper tissues of the brain and contains nerve fibers, which are extensions of neurons. Both white and gray matter are necessary for normal brain function.

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Stop Getting Fitness Advice from Celebrities

Our health and fitness magazines and websites have more resemblance to Entertainment Weekly than actual health publications. Headlines read “Johnny Hollywood’s Ab Routine,” “This Person (Who is Releasing a New Movie) on His Morning Habits,” “Get Arms Like This Guy Who Plays a Superhero.” 

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How Comparisons Sabotage Your Fitness (And How to Stop Them)

Of the many things that can undermine your fitness, the threat posed by comparisons often slides under the radar.

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Discipline vs. Motivation

“I just can’t get motivated to workout.” I hear this from people all the time. People who think motivation is the key to fitness, and they’re waiting from some magic switch or hack that will get them motivated… and then they’ll crush all their fitness goals. Motivation isn’t coming to save you. Sure, maybe for […]

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